Can Dropbox handle the Pressure?

Take More Control of your Information with M-Files

Dropbox v. M-Files

There’s no disputing that M-Files and Dropbox are great at what they do. Both are very good at organising and sharing documents with others. If we look a bit closer we soon realise that as far as document management for business goes, M-Files is streets ahead.
While Dropbox is cloud only, M-Files is a hybrid, allowing document management both on a local drive and in the cloud. It also has the capability of merging the two, for the best of both worlds. While Dropbox is public cloud, M-files also offers a private option.

Multiple Folders

Dropbox files can’t be shared among multiple folders at once. In M-Files the content is managed through metadata, meaning it can be organised by name, date, location, owner or even permission state.
The search function in Dropbox is limited to folder name. This is where M-Files really shines; It’s so powerful it can drill right down to the document contents. M-files can also highlight keywords and supports even more advanced options like proximity searching.


M-Files also has a powerful permissions function which Dropbox can’t touch. With M-Files, access control policies built into the meta-data ensure strict adherence to any procedure specified. This is a great example of how workflows can be managed easily and effectively, something which Dropbox simply can’t do.
The inability of Dropbox to manage non-document objects is another sticking point. With M-Files a searchable association is made among, say, customers case files and locations. Dropbox lacks the security of audit trails; it’s impossible to tell who has modified or updated documents and the ever present risk of work duplication is always present.


Templates have made life so much easier in the area of document management. Again Dropbox just can’t handle auto fill-templates the way that M-Files can. Like I said before Dropbox is great as far as it goes, but for business, M-Files is the only option to consider.

For more information on how M-Files can help you regain control of your data management.

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