M-Files Document Management…Journey of Discovery

A new employee’s perspective on M-Files

As a new employee it’s always a daunting prospect to learn new systems. Learning where things are, who to go to with questions and generally fitting in can be pretty high pain points for someone trying to make a good impression. If you factor in an entirely new software system for the handling and process of company information it can be almost overwhelming.

Previous document management experience

So it was with M-Files. Simply put, M-Files is a software solution which stores every document, scan, video, sound file, invoice or handbook all in one place. To better understand the benefits let’s look at what I was used to before.
All documents were stored on a shared drive, a dumping ground, which all employees could access and where non-sensitive client files were stored. We could all access these files by going into the client folder and navigating to the sub-folder where lay a variety of objects of various formats some dating back to last century!
Well-meaning staff members would drag email attachments into the parent folders. Unable to make association with other content it would either be neglected, deleted or re-filed elsewhere. If a document was updated there would be no easy way to find it within the parent folder unless you knew the exact time of its update and where the file had been shared. It was often a long and difficult process to find a document and once found, there was no way of seeing if it was the latest version. Searches often involved the IT department who were on a constant mission to archive what they saw as redundant files. Even worse was spending a long afternoon searching for a particular email to harvest an updated version of an unreadable text file. I’m breaking out in a cold sweat just thinking about the wasted time we spent searching for documents we weren’t even sure existed any more.

Introduction to M-Files

My introduction to M-files was prefaced with an assurance that it was perfectly straightforward to find anything, at any time from any device…and it’s absolutely true! The Home Page interface displays a comforting array of folders, a sidebar menu and an inviting search box. Document meta-data is displayed by default and the search results are everything you could hope for and more.
The system is fully customisable and has the fantastic feature of being able to collaborate on a document in real time. Annotated files can be assigned to colleagues for approval and editing but a copy of all previous versions is always available. The real beauty of this system is its portability. Documents and objects can be accessed and edited anywhere, 24/7 on PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
The workflow can be a little involved before achieving lightning fast keystrokes, but it’s a fast and superbly powerful piece of kit suitable for everyone from small business to global enterprise. Companies involved in the new flexible working arrangements would do well to explore this worthy application.

Five things I liked as a new M-Files user

As someone new to M-Files, the first thing that becomes apparent is the power of the application.

  • It really can deliver your documents quickly and easily.
  • The interface presents a familiar “explorer” type screen which is intuitive and easily accessible.
  • Search terms are permission based giving each team member access to all the documents necessary for their role.
  • Collaboration follows an effective and relevant workflow with access to all versions.
  • Integration and implementation is fully supported making M-Files an easy choice for managing company documents and objects.
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