Share documents with a non-M-Files user

Did you know you can share documents with someone that is NOT a M-Files user?


  • Give an associate or contractor the opportunity to work on your document that you prepared in M-Files
  • Share a document with multiple team members without having to email the document

Best Practice

  • Don’t email a document that you want to collaborate on. It very rapidly becomes difficult to track the correct version to work on
  • Set-up a specific folder in your one Drive to manage M-Files shared documents
  • When you wish to co-author a document (making updates simultaneously), it is better to use the co-authoring features of M-Files which are covered in a separate blog.  See this video for a quick overview on co-authoring.
  • Note that it is possible to disable sharing by making changes to the registry settings.
  • If you want to keep track of a document in M-Files that is shared via OneDrive, including updating it with the external user’s latest versions, then add a property with the OneDrive URL as part of the metadata of the document in M-Files.

Alternative Methods

  • Share the document with Sharepoint, a network drive, Google docs; or Dropbox. Note that M-Files registry changes to allow for these methods.

Benefit of M-Files

  • Share and collaborate with internal and external participants
  • Maintain a full history of all the changes to the document with version control. Label versions if required
  • Keep all company documents in one place for easy access
  • Avoid having multiple files and multiple versions floating around


  • As a prerequisite you need to have a Microsoft Live ID and a OneDrive account. OneDrive (previously known as Skydrive) has a free option, or it comes with Office 365. OneDrive is a very powerful collaboration and sharing solution offered by Microsoft. Read more about OneDrive for personal use, and OneDrive for business
  • Right click on the document in M-Files
  • Select either option: ‘share document with Skydrive’ or ‘share document as PDF with Skydrive’
  • Use the PDF option when you do not want to recipient to work on your document
  • When you click to share, it will link to your OneDrive account and offer the opportunity to either copy the link, or email the link to those that you are sharing the document with. If it is the first time you share a document, it will prompt you to register your account.
  • The recipient clicks on the link to open and edit the document and click save to update.
  • To add the changed document back into M-Files, right click on the document in M-Files, select Replace with file, then navigate to your OneDrive folder to find the updated file and upload it in M-Files.

Sharing documents in M-Files

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