M-Files – All the functionality, half the price

In a recent analysis of M-Files by Nucleus Research it was found that M-Files DMS increased productivity in a business at a lower price than the competitors. M-Files is a document management solution, that does far more than reducing paper in filing cabinets.


M-Files is an easy document and enterprise content management system meets unique business needs without requiring expensive set-up and time-consuming training – the way IT should be. By offering flexible deployment options on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid environments, M-Files can easily scale as the business grows. The product has gained traction in many industries including engineering, manufacturing, accounting, finance, architecture, medical practices, law offices, and real estate. Click here to read some success stories of M-Files.

Nucleus Research Findings

Nucleus Research investigated customers that where looking for a document management solution and compared M-Files with other solutions. They discovered that M-Files had the functionality and features of other products but was two or three times cheaper in price. Customers were also impressed by the scalability of M-Files and it’s strong search and versioning capabilities. Due to the close integration with Microsoft customers felt the user interface was intuitive and user friendly. The adaptability of M-Files meant that customers could create customer features specific to their business. Click here to read the full paper from Nucleus Research.

Key Benefits

Nucleus Research highlights two key benefits to customers using M-Files.

  • Productivity
  • Regulatory Compliance

The out of the box capabilities in M-Files DMS saves time and money over trying to develop custom internal systems. Customers that looked at M-Files experienced challenges with document version control, access to documents and document organisation.

M-Files DMS delivers a wide breadth of practical document management functions to customers at a lower cost than its competitors, integrating easily into existing systems with enough flexibility to scale with the needs of a growing business.

Would you like to try M-Files Content and Document Management Tool? Click the link below to download a free 30 day trial or contact us for more information.

Laminin Solutions is a M-Files Solutions Partner offering many years experience in implementing, configuring, integrating, training and enhancing the M-Files software. Combined with in-depth information management knowledge, we seek to help businesses optimise the value of their information whilst reducing the cost of having it.

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