A view within a view

Dynamic views in M-Files are just so powerful.  In the past when you were looking for a document you had to search, or remember in which folder you saved the document on your system.  And you only had one chance to organise it, so if you want to see the document sometimes by date; sometimes by month; sometimes by type of document – then folders just cannot do it.

Today I want to talk about having a view within a view.

Lets say you create a view to see all the purchase invoices by supplier. Most of the time a supplier has only a few invoices, and listing the invoices by supplier->list of invoices is fine.

When you create a general view as:

Filter by class: supplier invoices

By hierarchy: Suppliers

However, supplier: B&Q building supplies (as an example) has lots and lots of invoices and getting a list is not good enough.  Do you need to create another view, and then remember where the other view can be found?  Now you can just create a view within a view!

How to create a View within a View

  1. Create a basic view in the M-Files client vault. (for example a list of all B&Q supplier invoices)
  2. Now select the supplier within that list you would like to see the information presented differently
  3. Right click the “green” folder. greenviewicon Select Properties.
  4. Go to Customise tab and click customise.  This will take you into another view set-up screen where you can now set-up this branch with its own rules.
  5. You can now set this up to list all the invoices by month, for instance.
  6. The view icon you just customised will turn to blue blueviewicon (ID 33936) to indicate that it is a view within a view.

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