Mobile Work: Setting up your Mobile Phone

Samsung Galaxy S3I acquired a new mobile phone over the weekend.  Ditching the old Blackberry I used for the last two years, I decided to venture into the world of android and purchased a Samsung Galaxy S III.  Initially I wanted an iPhone, I’ve always been a big Apple fan and I love the brilliant design and usability of the iPhone.  However my mobile had to versatile as I use my phone for work and personal use.  One device for everything.  Here at Laminin Solutions we are set up with Microsoft Office 365, so it made sense to go with android that would support my application requirements.

Sync your Mobile Phone Instantly

This morning the first thing on my agenda was to get all my contacts, calendar, email and settings on my mobile phone.  I had no idea how to get started or how long it would take to sort it out.  I simply logged into my Microsoft Office 365 account, searched for “Set up Mobile Phone” and literally within minutes I was set up and ready to take my work away on the Mobile.

I used the Mobile Phone Wizard provided by Microsoft, following the instructions step-by-step, and because my settings are in the cloud with Office 365, the task was painless.

As a working mother, the ability to work mobile is imperative.  I was at first very sceptic if Microsoft Office 365 could work for me, but it does and I have professional technology and applications at my fingertips.

I’d love to hear from you about your experience with working with mobile and Microsoft Office 365.  Maybe you have not tried it before and would like to explore further.  Click the link below to find out more.

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