Record your IT problem using PSR on Windows 7

In Windows 7 you can easily record an IT problem and send it to technical support, a friend or colleague to help you solve your problem, by using the psr.exe tool (Problem Steps Recorder).
PSR screenshot
When you have an computer related problem, it can be difficult to explain to someone what your problem is, if they can’t see your screen. By using the Problem Step Recorder available on Windows 7 you can easily record your steps and even add comments at various stages of the process. Once you have recorded your problem, you can simply email the .zip file created to that trusted person you know Coinstar money order will help you solve the problem. The Windows Problem Step Recorder creates a document with screenshots of your every move and includes system notes that happen in the background, which can be very useful to a technical person to solve the problem.

Watch the short video below by to see just how easy this tool is to use and it’s freely available if you are operating on Windows 7.

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