Why M-Files is better than SharePoint

Do you use SharePoint?  Are you frustrated by its document management capabilities?  We will be looking at why M-Files is better than SharePoint at DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT.  M-Files provides you with significant capabilities that cannot be achieved using the light basic properties of SharePoint.

M-Files is a document management system that can be used to maximise your existing investment in SharePoint.  Maybe you have already taken the step to invest in SharePoint’s collaborative infrastructure, and now realise the limitations of its document management capability?

M-Files can make SharePoint shine, and here are 11 reasons why.


  1. M-Files is compatible with all applications—allowing you to open and save documents while you are working.
  2. M-Files searches are faster and more effective with full-text search capabilities and customisable search options.
  3. M-Files can be used offline and operates efficiently even with slow network connections.
  4. M-Files interfaces easily with existing CRM, ERP, other accounting systems, and email.
  5. M-Files makes it easy to add metadata to your files with a built-in versatile, expandable metadata structure.
  6. M-Files automatically saves previous versions of files so you have a full version history of your documents.
  7. M-Files interfaces fully with SharePoint. Files stored in M-Files can be accessed directly through SharePoint.
  8. M-Files makes information publishing to SharePoint faster, easier, and more accurate.
  9. M-Files enables reporting and generation of business intelligence graphs on documents and metadata—from within the program.
  10. M-Files is compatible with Fast Search technology.
  11. M-Files provides built-in document security controls including secure user access, permissions per document, and check-in / check-out controls.

Would you like more information? Download Why M-Files is a better solution for document management than SharePoint.

Laminin Solutions is a reseller of M-Files with years of experience implementing and configuring systems to satisfy clients needs and priorities.

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