Day 19: Clip from the web with OneNote (#25DaysofOffice)

We are following the 25 days of Office by Microsoft, celebrating new features that can help you become more effective.

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day19-MSOffice-4721.clipping (ID 24040)Day 19

Save a clip from the web to OneNote

In OneNote, screen clippings are the easiest way to grab quick snapshots of any part of the Web pages you’re looking at and then paste images into your notes. You can use this feature for any purpose, such as doing research for a project (for example, collecting quick snapshots of statistics or charts and gathering them in your notes) or for capturing information that’s only temporarily available and may soon be changed or updated at the source, such as breaking news stories, flight plans, or event agendas. Screen clippings make it easy to collect information visually — either for later analysis or keeping a permanent archive of information you care about.

Get the full tip here with screenshots.

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