Day 21: Connect Services for images, videos or files (#25DaysofOffice)

We are following the 25 days of Office by Microsoft, celebrating new features that can help you become more effective.

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day21-MSOffice-4062.image_thumb_1BB7A1CB (ID 24037)Day 21

Connect Office with SkyDrive

Going in we recognized that changing the default save location to SkyDrive was going to be critical to get right because it affects one of the most basic operations of our products. Saving to the cloud offers anywhere access to content through the new Office. This allows our users to move from device to device without having to worry where their content (or Office app) resides. Saving to the cloud also enables collaboration scenarios like coauthoring which aren’t possible when a file is just saved on your local machine.

Get the full tip here with screenshots.

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