Day 22: Flash Fill in Excel 2013 (#25DaysofOffice)

We are following the 25 days of Office by Microsoft, celebrating new features that can help you become more effective.

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(Post by Chad Rothschiller a Program Manager on the Excel team.)

Day 22

Flash Fill in Excel 2013

Today I’m proud to be writing about a new feature in Excel 2013 called Flash Fill that makes all of those tasks very simple for even the most novice user. Several years ago, I wrote a blog post demonstrating how to do string manipulations like the above examples. The problem is that the solutions relied heavily on using formulas, which can feel quite complex and intimidating for people not as familiar with Excel. Now, with Flash Fill, you can do it all without formulas. In fact, it’s easier than that. Now you can do it all by providing a few examples.

Get the full tip here with screenshots.

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