Day 24: SkyDrive is your personal cloud (#25DaysofOffice)

We are following the 25 days of Office by Microsoft, celebrating new features that can help you become more effective.

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Day 24

SkyDrive is your personal cloud

With Microsoft Office Web Apps it’s easy to work with others because you can send links to documents instead of sending file attachments. That saves on e-mail storage and prevents you from having to reconcile multiple versions of the same document. Your friends just click a link to open the document in a Web App. If you’re collecting information in an Excel workbook or a OneNote notebook, or if you’re part of a group that’s working on a Word document, you can work in the document at the same time as your friends. There’s no waiting for one person to finish with the document before the next person can get in.

Get the full tip here with screenshots.


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