M-Files Implementation: A preparation guide

It takes time and effort to figure out the full functionality of any new gadget, car or mobile phone. When it comes to IT systems the thought of implementing a new system can be daunting, however prepared you are.  How many of us actually read the manual on how to use that new coffee machine? Chances are, if you were more informed you may discover a really useful function!

Thinking about and planning a M-Files implementation has the same effect. Typically we follow a 6 step process to implement a M-Files content and document management system:

  1. Get familiar with the processes and requirements of the customer. Reviewing how existing documents are produced helps designing the document vault structure
  2. Find out, which of the customer’s IT systems are to be integrated with M-Files (CRM, ERP, etc.)
  3. Install the system, technical configuration and scanner integration
  4. Design the document vault structure to meet the needs of the customer
  5. End-user training session (M-Files essentials for end-users)
  6. Additional training sessions for administrator and end-users

Have you ever experienced an IT implementation like this:

Are you interested in implementing M-Files? Contact us for more information.

Laminin Solutions is all about optimising information management and connecting different solutions within a business. Through consolidating information and document flow with powerful easy to use and configurable software tools, Laminin Solutions sets the information in the business free from the boundaries of individual systems. Our focus is to improve the productivity of your business whilst reducing the cost to produce and use information.

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