Your Content in the Future

A musing for this Monday morning from a blog entry by Daniel O’Leary on AIIM Community Blogs, about how we could potentially work with our content in business in the future.

The article was very interesting and generated some ideas about more connected and accessible content in the future.

  1.  We will be able to delivery awesome customer service.  The CRM system could bring up information about the customer from the caller ID and guide the support staff through previous service enquiries.
  2. Get to the solution faster. No longer will one department or division wrestle with problems on their own.  Connected content can  allow for much easier sharing of information.
  3. Work from anywhere.  This could become the norm in the future, as information become more mobile, and companies operate on the cloud.
  4. Waste less time in meetings and email.  Using social media and collaborative tools, we could communicate in the workplace as we do in our social life, quick, easy and connected.

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Laminin Solutions is all about optimising information management and connecting different solutions within a business.  Through consolidating information and document flow with powerful easy to use and configurable software tools, Laminin Solutions sets the information in the business free from the boundaries of individual systems. Our focus is to improve the productivity of your business whilst reducing the cost to produce and use information.

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