M-Files Content Management redefines the “Hybrid Cloud”

M-Files Inc., the developer of M-Files flexible cloud, on-premise, and hybrid enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, announced that M-Files 9.0 features advanced support for customer deployments with multiple document repositories, also known as vaults.

Businesses will have flexibility to organise document and other content along geographic or functional boundaries for maximum responsiveness and efficiency.

Data can reside in the public cloud or a private cloud, or it can be on-premise, or any mixture of all of them, and the user interface and experience is identical.

Robust Replication Capabilities for Demanding Enterprise Environments

The new replication capabilities featured in M-Files 9.0 ensure that, when needed, information stored in separate repositories can be quickly and easily located and accessed across the organisation in a unified and seamless manner.

The result is more efficient searches, better performance, fast disaster recovery and greater scalability, especially in larger, more demanding enterprise environments.

Press release from M-Files.

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