Leverage Existing IT Resources with Cloud Based Models

Cloud computing represents one of the most significant technology developments in recent years, and an increasing number of IT departments have been given direction to move toward this service-based delivery of infrastructure, platform and application services.

Moving business-critical applications away from traditional on-premise software solutions and toward the cloud can present challenges.  As IT and business managers examine existing and future organisational goals—and how IT can support them—the size and scope of the cloud begins to take shape.

Consider the following primary questions:

  1. What are the capabilities and limitations of your IT infrastructure?
  2. How can you ensure sensitive and confidential information in the cloud is secure?
  3. What are your specific requirements?
In today’s ROI-driven business climate, the cloud enables IT staffs to “meter” their services, much like a utility meter, as well as to monitor and modify their usage as needed. As cloud technology has matured, different deployment models have evolved based on varying needs associated with security, storage, infrastructure and compliance requirements.
There are different deployment models, when it comes to cloud computing.  Various factors would impact whether the private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud would suite your business best.

If you would like to learn more about Cloud Based Models, click the thumbnail to download a paper by M-Files about Shaping Your IT Cloud.



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