The Key

We have illustrated that information can be powerful.  Think of all the occasions yesterday that you used information.  Reading it somewhere, listening to it, a billboard on your journey, the report from your boss.  Make a list and just tick  if the snippet of information was powerful – doing the trick.  Let me know the result.  Even in this information age the volume of poor and close to useless information are staggering.

What’s the key?

How would you make that difference? How could they have made a difference.

It all starts with the thought.  Thinking about the information as something that makes a real difference and can be powerful and strategic.

This blog is about the thinking, and its aim is to make us more aware of the information all around us – just as Greenpeace has made us all aware of our environment which 25 years ago was almost forgotten.

In the next 350 days we will explore and uncover the practical implications of information that really mean something and matters. Don’t forget to register and stay in touch.

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