Are you consulting to clients?

Are you generating documents for your clients?  Do you need to organise all the documents associated with the client? And what is more you depend on a proliferation of folders on your notebook and the notebook of your associates.

M-files has unique features that will help you to organise all the information related to your clients, and speed up the process of recreating documents.

You can create and maintain customised templates for your standard letters, reports, presentations and marketing material and allow your associates to all use the same. Everyone can update the templates and continiously improve on best practices.

You can create a project for each client initiative and keep all the documents for the project together while you are tracking the progress of the project. Selective Project documents can be made available to your client through the internet to allow them share.

Documents that is useful for re-use on other future projects can easily be tagged as such. new tags can be created at any time to moving along with the growth and development of your business. In this way you can create your own knowledge base which will be easily accessible to new associates that is introduced.

The ease of use, flexibility and dynamic vault structure of M-files will make it possible for you to organise your client information in the way that you work, rather than having do charge to way you work to fit into a piece of software.

The functional richness of M-files will allow you to do workflow; setup assignments and tasks; track the history of changes; control versions and maintain security.

Try it – you can start off for Free

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