Data versus document management

Would you spend time and money in your business to save, file or archive a document that has no relevance or bearing on the business?

The answer is probably no.  The only reason why you manage a document, whether it is a piece of paper or an electronic document is because someone may want to access or use it again.  The truth is that you do not even think about the re-use and just manage the document for the odd chance that it may become relevant or useful at a later date.

In fact, it is not the document that is important, but it’s content.   Whether it is a piece of paper; contained in electronic form; or in the heads of you or your staff is only relevant with regard to the quality and ease of use, not because of its form.

When you think about document management or consider the putting a new mechanism in to keep control of all the forms it will pay off if you give more attention to managing what matters most – the data is encapsulated in these documents. The only reason why you would spend money on any method or system to manage the documents is to improve the efficiency of accessing the data for reuse.

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