Archive Outlook Mail

Using Outlook is great for day to day email management, but it does not:

  • make sent mail available to other users in the business
  • make mail sent to an individual user available to others
  • keep track of all mail in and out of the business
  • file all mail from all users by project, subject, user, client or any other tag available to all
  • make business mail archived in personal folders available for other users

More and businesses are having difficulty to manage, find and organise the hundreds and thousands of emails that is coming and going in the business every day.

 M-Files can make managing email much more productive:

  • automatically archive all incoming and outgoing mail, from any user on the exchange
  • maintain full security access settings
  • integrate with Outlook to file specific mails to specific projects, clients or any other category

Contact us if you want to learn more on how M-files can do this for you.

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