Download MFSQL Connector ™

MFSQL Connector™ is available for download. Complete the form below to register your application and obtain a serial number. Please ensure you consider all the guides and information before installation. Please contact us for more information or to request a demo of MFSQL Connector™.

Guides & Documentation


MFSQL Connector™ consist of several modules. These modules must be installed on the targeted server(s). Each installation package is self-standing and can be downloaded to a folder location that is accessible to the appropriate servers. Execute in sequence from the server to install.

Latest Release Date: 2017-11-24 Release Notes

  1. SQL Database Server: Latest version MFSQL Connector Core
  2. M-Files Server: Latest version MFSQL Context Menu
  3. Web Server: Latest version MFSQL Manager


All 3 above packages in zip file: MFSQL All Packages

Complete the form to register your MFSQL Connector™ installation and obtain a serial number. We will email your request to the email address you provide below.

Useful Links

  • Functional Overview: detailed table of features and functions of the application by packages
  • Use Cases: review existing use cases
  • Using the Connector: the Connector is used to interact between SQL and a specific M-Files vault.
  • Webinars: selection of webinars introducing the Connector and how to integrate with 3rd party applications