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Control Your Metadata

MFSQLConnectorStackSynchronize, explore and use M-Files metadata from your vault in MS SQL.

The MFSQL Connector allow you to rapidly build integrations between M-Files and other applications such as Epicor, SAGE or your custom CRM, MRP application. It creates the platform for your own special applications using the M-Files metadata in collaboration with your own in-house systems.

The MFSQL Connector also allows you to manage, manipulate and explore the metadata for data cleansing or updating of the metadata and build special reports from the data.

It all happens because the metadata is readily accessible in SQL and stays in sync with M-Files.

Build Special Applications

There are many waMFSQLConnectorGraphicys to interact with MS SQL and a wide range of application generators to choose from.

One such application
generator is Code On Time. An Enterprise Web Application Generator that works well with MS SQL databases and delivers either desktop or responsive Touch UI web applications. The MFSQL Connector makes use of Code On Time to generate the MFSQL Connector Manager. This Manager allows you to explore and work with the metadata as part of the development process.

Alternatively, SSMS or any other development tool, can be used to execute the MFSQL Connector store procedures.



Framework for Developers

The MFSQL Connector is built as a framework for use by developers and consultants.

  • Use your MS SQL knowledge and general programming experience to rapidly gain access to the metadata of M-Files.
  • Work with the data in MS SQL keeping it synchronized with M-Files without first mastering the M-Files API’s.
  • Use your development platform of choice to access and work with MS SQL tables, views, functions and stored procedures to build your application and/or to interact with M-Files metadata.



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