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Arnie Cilliers brings the Laminin Solutions franchise to the United States as the President and founder of Laminin Solutions USA.

Arnie has an in depth understanding of system analysis, systems integration, customization and development along with a comprehensive understanding of day-to-day accounting principles and practices, with a proven track record of customer satisfaction achieved through exceptional communication skills.

A degree in Accounting and Auditing and years of consulting and implementation experience in the ERP arena gives him the edge of understanding the importance of Information Management and the need for business intelligence in its various forms to be readily available to the right person at the right time.

In addition, Arnie brings a high degree of technical skills in Advanced Microsoft Excel and Microsoft SQL Server Development to the global Laminin Solutions organization.

Le Roux Cilliers MCP

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Regional Expertise

  • We are an approved solutions provider for M-Files Enterprise Content and Document Management software
  • We have over 18 years of practical hands-on experience with the Epicor Enterprise suite of applications, with an in depth knowledge of implementing, customizing and integrating with the Epicor Enterprise software. We have a deep understanding of both user procedure requirements as well as the backend database design and structure.
  • We combine knowledge of technology-based information management utilizing a variety of technology and development tools, alongside direct experience managing accounting processes, financial systems and services.
  • We are passionate about helping you to make your business more effective. The benefits are simple, significant cost reduction and improved profitability and productivity with an empowered and happier workforce.

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Ponte Vedra, FL
arnie {at} lamininsolutions {dot} com


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