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Managing Director and founder of Laminin Solutions, le Roux Cilliers, is passionate about Information Management. He has a masters degree in Information Management, with a focus on producing quality information and a Qualified Chartered Accountant.

Le Roux Cilliers MCP

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Regional Expertise

  • We are an approved solutions provider for M-Files Enterprise Content and Document Management software.
  • We are a registered Microsoft Small Business Specialist.
  • We have many years of practical hands-on experience of using M-files in a business environment.
  • We deploy a range of complementary products and software solutions to connect the different business processes and information requirements such as scanning, business intelligence, mindmapping and a range of database optimisation solutions.
  • We combine knowledge of technology-based information management in large scale corporates, alongside direct experience of running SME businesses.
  • We are passionate about helping you to make your business more effective. The benefits are simple, significant cost reduction and improved profitability

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+44 2392 387 001
leroux {at} lamininsolutions {dot} com


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