Our Story

We have a passion to improve the use of information.   Laminin Solutions is a business solutions company. We provide technology tools and services to improve business for growth and market positioning. Our main focus is to ensure that business get the most value from information and reduce the cost of having it.

If you didn’t know, laminin is the scientific word for a core protein found in our bodies. It basically ties everything together and without it you could not function! Laminin as a protein is very fascinating. Wikipedia describes it as ‘an integral part of the structural scaffolding in almost every tissue of an organism’.

We like to call it “the glue that holds everything together”.

Like our bodies, business is also a living organism, made up of many cells, units, and flows. Business success is highly dependent on the connection and interaction between all the entities. Failure is often directly related to the loss or lack of connection.

Laminin Solutions provide optimised information and connected solutions, making information more available in an organisation. Proper data analysis and presentation provides insight and business intelligence. Connecting information, systems, customers, suppliers, staff and all the different units within the business drives better flow and business At the heart of our offering we focus on the value of the information and how to get the most from it.