M-Files Bags $7.7m Series A Funding for Global Growth and Expansion

M-Files Solution ProviderAs a solutions partner with M-Files we are excited about their recent securing of $7.7M Series A Funding to Fuel Global Expansion and Growth. M-Files’ technology focusses on managing information using a unique metadata-drive solution.

No longer do you need to know where the information is stored but rather what the information is. This has enabled the company to successfully expand beyond its native Finland by acquiring leading US customers including AstraZeneca, SAS, Pandora, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Northrop Grumman Corporation, Charles Schwab, Hecla Mining, Elekta, Hill + Knowlton and many others.

Metadata-powered approach like iTunes

“One way to understand the M-Files metadata-powered approach is to look at the iPhone,” said Greg Milliken, president of M-Files Inc. “When you put music on the iPhone, you don’t put it in a music folder, the device just knows it is music and it shows up where and how you expect it, grouped by artist, genre, date, etc. This is what M-Files does for information management, and when companies experience it, the effect is a revolutionary change in their business. Think Enterprise Document Management 2.0, or the combined power of Dropbox AND Documentum but for enterprise scale businesses.”

As part of the funding, M-Files also announced that technology industry vets Jim Geary and Bob Suh, as well as Mikko Suonenlahti of DFJ Esprit, have joined the company’s board of directors.

Laminin Solutions has successfully used M-Files to improve information management in companies like Microlink, Spirit Circuits and more.  Using years of expertise in the field of information management and system improvement, we are able to assist companies to get the most value from their information and reduce the cost of having it.

Read the full press release here.

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