The Power and Flexibility of M-Files with Big Data Predictive Modeling

“The NLP Logix solution is a brilliant fit for M-Files. M-Files supports and stores enterprise documents and we employ the NLP Logix predictive model right into the database. A great example of the power of predictive modeling is scoring the probability that a client will remain with a company and rapidly indentifying potential lost customers before it happens.”

Laminin Solutions has chosen NLP Logix, a Jacksonville, Florida-based company that provides machine-learning as a service, to provide predictive modeling services to its clients.

Laminin Solutions has been delivering business intelligence and data integration services to medium to large organizations across the United Kingdom, Europe and Africa for several years. They have diverse clients across many industries including manufacturers of components providers of specialist services and are one of the leading integrators of the M-Files document management system.

Read the full press release here.

NLP Logix, provides machine learning as a service. What that means is they build predictive models for specific clients to identify trend and momentum within their “big-data” to solve business problems.

learningService-NLP Logix

Big data can fuel bigger growth for your company, but you need to be able to get to it, use it and interpret it.  Data driven insights are going to become differentiators, helping companies drive decisions and optimise business.  With a large database you can become a serious player in the information game.  Products like NLP Logix predictive model helps companies understand their data using advanced algorithms.   Big-data exists in nearly every industry these days, from marketing to healthcare.

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