Friday Info Flop: What’s this about?

We all use information daily. Sometimes it works – the right information, at the right time for the right decision. Often it’s just not good enough.

Every Friday we would like to hear from you, our readers, about your information ‘flops’. Where information failed you miserably. Every week there will be a ‘flop-focus’, to get you started on thinking about how you work with information.

Read the TEN TIPS to leave a professional comment and be part of the conversation.

This week we focus on:

Accessing Information

Do you struggle to find the information you need? Are your documents in paper format and inaccessible at the right time? Do you have to trawl through mailboxes / folders to find what you are looking for?

Leave a comment to tell us about where accessing information failed. Where appropriate we’ll give you some tips to improve access to your information.

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