M-Files Integrates with Kofax Express

M-Files is tightly integrated with the Kofax Express software solution from Kofax plc, the leading provider of document-driven business-process automation solutions.

Kofax Express is a state-of-the-art, all-in-one, scan-to-archive software package for image capture applications that makes it easy for anyone to quickly scan, organise and store documents. The deep integration maps tags and other metadata captured by Kofax Express during the scanning process with corresponding tags and properties in M-Files, ensuring that scanned documents are automatically classified by appropriate categories (such as customers, contacts and/or projects) and stored in the M-Files Vault. This makes it a snap to find any scanned document, and to view all relevant documents by customer or project, for example.

Kofax Express and M-Files complement each other by sharing the same intuitive approach to ease of use through a simple Windows interface

Kofax Express provides an ideal front-end capture companion to M-Files, offering fast, unattended operation with the latest scanners and multi-function printers, and includes support for barcode identification, conversion to searchable PDF and PDF/A formats, image quality enhancement, and automatic document separation. The capture solution is easily installed, adopted and maintained, enabling organizations to quickly reduce costs and improve productivity.

You can learn more about Kofax and M-Files.

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