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  • Powerful negative information

    A large part of information that we get and use has the potential of having a negative impact. It it because the information itself is bad?  If you learn today that you business does not have enough cash to make all the payments this month, does it mean the information is bad or negative?  The obvious answer is that the […]

  • The Key

    We have illustrated that information can be powerful.  Think of all the occasions yesterday that you used information.  Reading it somewhere, listening to it, a billboard on your journey, the report from your boss.  Make a list and just tick  if the snippet of information was powerful – doing the trick.  Let me know the result.  Even in this information […]

  • Making information powerful

    Last night I watched a program on Television. It was about information. And the presenter in my view succeeded to make it POWERFUL. View the Joy of Stats courtesy of Hans Rosling [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbkSRLYSojo]  Which characteristics of this presentation was most the appealing? Which features did you find to have a negative impact on you? The […]

  • Imagine your day without information

    Stop! You have nothing to eat for the next 48 hours – will you survive? probably. You will have no information. No feedback from your senses (listening, seeing, smelling, Credit union agent no memory recall) – no input, no guidance, no point of reference, no feedback – how will you function? We use information without […]