January 2011

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  • The Key

    We have illustrated that information can be powerful.  Think of all the occasions yesterday that you used information.  Reading it somewhere, listening to it, a billboard on your journey, the report from your boss.  Make a list and just tick  if the snippet of information was powerful – doing the trick.  Let me know the result.  Even in this information […]

  • Making information powerful

    Last night I watched a program on Television. It was about information. And the presenter in my view succeeded to make it POWERFUL. View the Joy of Stats courtesy of Hans Rosling [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbkSRLYSojo]  Which characteristics of this presentation was most the appealing? Which features did you find to have a negative impact on you? The […]

  • Imagine your day without information

    Stop! You have nothing to eat for the next 48 hours – will you survive? probably. You will have no information. No feedback from your senses (listening, seeing, smelling, Credit union agent no memory recall) – no input, no guidance, no point of reference, no feedback – how will you function? We use information without […]